Entry and Departure Times
To enable extra time for cleaning, we ask that you do not enter the property before 7pm, and leave the property by 9am on your day of departure.
Please do not allow anyone to enter the flat that is not a member of your group.
Cleaning and Hygiene
All hard surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner (COVID19 Approved), including all door handles, switches, plugs etc.
As a temporary measure we will be hiring all linen, towels etc, ensuring fresh clean supplies every week. Before departure, guests are asked to strip beds and place linen, towels, etc in a bag for collection.
Please leave mattress and pillow protectors on the beds as they will be washed separately.
Please remove all rubbish from the property including all recycling.
There should be sufficient supplies for guests to be able to clean during their time in the property.
The kitchen will be scaled down leaving a ‘skeleton’ selection of plates, cups, pots, pans, and utensils, being sufficient for 4 guests. This is because everything will need to be washed during each cleaning session as the cleaner won’t know what guests have touched.
Items in Storage
All our books, DVDs, leaflets etc will be removed. Some ornaments may stay in place but please avoid touching them.
Some items will be stored in the two large wooden boxes in the lounge. Please do not open either of the boxes.
The unlocked cupboard in the hall contains beach toys etc. Please do not use any of the items in this cupboard during your visit this year.

Additional information can be seen on the St Ives Town Council website: